Wedding Planning Tips and Tricks

Your wedding day is something you have dreamed and talked about for such a long time, sometimes since childhood. We all have our own ideas for our special day, whether its bright and flashy or small and low key. Here are our wedding tips and tricks for couples still in the planning stages to make sure it goes as smoothly and stress-free as possible.

Start planning early

We often have couples in for a visit who are not planning to wed for at least a year, most of the time two or three years before the big day. Demand is huge for weddings all year but especially during the summer months so if you want a summer wedding, make sure you get in before the crowd. You will want to book the best photographer, florist, band etc. so you need to book those as soon as you have your date nailed down with the hotel. Make sure to book your ceremony/church/celebrant before your venue to avoid disappointment.

Talk to other couples

The best advice always comes from those who have already been through it. Ask your married friends for advice on how to plan, who to book and the price you should expect to pay for services on the day. Ask what they would have done differently to make their planning go a little smoother and learn from their mistakes. Do your research before booking a photographer or band, read plenty of reviews from other couples who have booked them to make sure they suit your wedding style.


One of the most important factors when planning a wedding is the budget. You need to agree on a final price for the finished product and stay within the limits, the last thing you need is to leave yourselves in too much debt and have to budget on the honeymoon! Write a huge list of everything you need and allocate a percentage of your total wedding fund to each of your services; everything down to the wedding favours and the flower girls dress. You’ll find it a lot easier to decide what’s important when its laid out in front of you.

Make use of hotel wedding planner

Your wedding planner is built into the cost of your wedding so you’d be mad not to take full advantage. Here in the Osprey we have a dedicated team with years of experience in event planning and coordinating so its safe to say we really have seen it all. If you are unsure about anything to do with your venue capacities or how flexible the venue is, we can ease your mind. If you are struggling to find a florist at short notice, ask our team and we may have connections from previous weddings or know someone in the local area. You’ll never know what you’re missing out on unless you ask!


At Osprey Hotel we want your wedding to be as special and unique as your relationship. Once all of the planning is done, leave it to us to ensure your big day goes off without a hitch. To find out more, or to book a wedding show-around call our dedicated events team to talk through your options.